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Every Business, large or small needs to have effective Disaster recovery plans in place for when the unmentionable happens.

The first objective of a Disaster Recovery strategy should be to understand what solutions you need to implement to ensure your business is as resilient as possible and mitigate risks in order to minimise or even eliminate the impact of a Disaster occurring.

There is no single solution that fits all businesses and all requirements, that is why we don’t rely on a single solution – we have a number of solutions that we know WILL ensure you are covered not only from Risk but also our solutions save our customers huge amounts via the elimination of multiple software licenses and up to 10x reduction in storage costs.

White Hut have invested to deliver solutions that facilitate the growth of enterprises worldwide. This investment enables us to offer the most efficient and reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery infrastructures available. This has led to the development of TheStratus, an exciting new standard in Cloud Backup and Recovery.

White Hut – Why !

To deliver what our customers ask for, within time and budget. Values that come as standard.
No hard sell here!, We recommend solutions to our customers and if they choose to buy from us then its down to our values.
We hold our values very highly, We will not deliver services that do not meet our high standards.

Encrypted – Secure & Safe

We only use the best, no more worries about your data falling into the wrong hands ! We use Military Grade encryption that encrypts your data at source, is stored in secure datacentres and can only be restored using your secure passwords.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

The strengths of a market leading Data Management Platform without the huge costs ! Encryption, Reduced bandwidth usage by upto 70%, Robust and industry leaders – Interested ? you should be ! This solution will provide you with an unrivaled level of protection.

On Premise Solutions

Our On Premise solution is truly a market leader, the technology has matured and is now recognised as the leader in Copy Data Management. Supported by Oracle, SAP and VMWare to name a few, this solution will give you the ability to reduce costs, improve SLA’s and offer the potential of server recovery within seconds!

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